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At Brazos Consulting Services, we specialize in providing expert business consultants and support to leaders & businesses in the Education, Healthcare/Wellness, Food & Beverage, and Hospitality industries. 

With our extensive knowledge and experience in these sectors, we are well-equipped to help you navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in your industry. 

We are dedicated to providing top-notch business consulting, project management, and admin support services to our clients. Our journey started with a passion for helping businesses thrive and grow. Over the years, we have worked with businesses of all sizes and across various industries, gaining valuable insights and expertise along the way.

Our Services

Brazos Consulting Services specializes in a variety of business consultant services:
Brazos Consulting Services

Project Management & Business optimization

Great ideas leading to change require structure and support to optimize your business needs. Our project management focuses on meeting your desired goals and timelines to accommodate any scope of work. Whether you have a project to implement or a business process you wish to optimize, we can customize a plan that works for you.

Food & Beverage/ Hospitality Management

Whether you are a small or large operation, our food & beverage plus hospitality management expertise encompasses a number of services such as menu planning, kitchen management, service consult and training to enhance your business and staff expertise.

Brazos Consulting Services

Business Administration

Need a web site / logo - new or refresh? Challenges with managing your schedules, calendars, or other business systems? We can support a business admin needs virtually with our experience working in a variety of platforms. Having supported clients virtually in their admin needs from start-ups to implementing new software systems, we can help you leverage the necessary tools to meet your needs.

Meet Your Consultants

Guna Thangavelu & Lisa Tauferner

Our goal is to elevate businesses within the F&B/ hospitality & education industries with expert consultation and recommendations targeted toward areas for improvement and potential growth.

Guna has over 25 years of experience in F&B and hospitality management including his work as a professional chef, F&B manager, restaurant owner, plus experience working with hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, catering and personal chef ( 

Lisa has over 20 years of experience as project manager/business administration professional working within education, healthcare, and IT including experience as a wellness business owner ( and working with start-ups. 

We look forward to working with you!

Client Testimonials

(Implementing project management software): "I feel really good about how things are going and the direction we are headed.  Your assistance has been vital to this project moving forward."

"I am glad we’re all still moving forward on this process and working with you on it." 

University client

"My colleague and I wanted to start a new medical business. We didn't have the time or expertise to learn the ancillary aspects to getting it off the ground. Brazos Consulting Services were instrumental in helping get everything prepared for launch. They were very responsive and extremely knowledgeable. They have continued to provide assistance for every aspect of running the business. We will definitely seek their services again for any other future endeavors."

Medical start-up client

"Your help designing and planning for our event was amazing. You helped us to prioritize the needs and accommodate our wants. We look forward to our next hospitality event!"

Hospitality client

"Your productivity, organization, and attention to detail have made a significant impact on our team’s efficiency and success."

Healthcare client

"We have relied upon your expertise to support us building our new processes while managing growth to become more efficient. We are optimistic that this is moving us toward our goals."

University client

"My website was in dire need of repair and update. Lisa and her team brought my website out of the stone age and into a competitive top notch website that increased my traffic and sustainability. Absolutely recommend Brazos Consulting Services for your needs."

Small business client